Data Center în România. La Cluj. Treabă bună!

Treabă bună? Cât de bună?

Data Center Security

Monitored Alarm System
HI-RES Mobotix Survailance Cameras
Key Racks and equipment loading capability of up to 1300Kg
Humidity sensors, Temperature sensors, Water Detection, Fire Sensors
ISO 27001

Power Supply

Electrical circuits form two completely different transformation points
Electrical Generator of 160kVA, (36 hours fuel tank)
UPS APC Symetra 160KW N+1 (approx 60 minutes)
Dual Power Supply for each rack with 11KW/rack capacity
Each circuit load monitorization

Air Conditioning

Uniflair 60KW Chiller with FreeCooling module
Professional Precision Units from APC RC inROW 18KW (Hot Aisle configuration and 2N redundance)
Cool water Distributor (12 RC units capacity)
Cooling capacity of 11kw per rack with expansion capabilities of up to 20kw per rack.
Constant Temperature of 20-21 degrees Celsius, humidity 40-60%

Network and Servers

Connectivity with the main internet providers (RDS, Next-Gen, IX Interlan)
Cableing (rack to rack) cat 6, AMP high density
Redundant Routers and Switches (CISCO Catalyst 6500, Foundry, Nortel, Brocade, D-link)
Servers (IBM Bladecenter H, Supermicro, Dell)
Storage (IBM Storwise SAN, Promise)
Virtualization with VMware

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