Data Center România, Cluj

Data Center în România. La Cluj. Treabă bună!

Treabă bună? Cât de bună?

Data Center Security

  • Monitored Alarm System
  • HI-RES Mobotix Survailance Cameras
  • Key Racks and equipment loading capability of up to 1300Kg
  • Humidity sensors, Temperature sensors, Water Detection, Fire Sensors
  • ISO 27001

Power Supply

  • Electrical circuits form two completely different transformation points
  • Electrical Generator of 160kVA, (36 hours fuel tank)
  • UPS APC Symetra 160KW N+1 (approx 60 minutes)
  • Dual Power Supply for each rack with 11KW/rack capacity
  • Each circuit load monitorization

Air Conditioning

  • Uniflair 60KW Chiller with FreeCooling module
  • Professional Precision Units from APC RC inROW 18KW (Hot Aisle configuration and 2N redundance)
  • Cool water Distributor (12 RC units capacity)
  • Cooling capacity of 11kw per rack with expansion capabilities of up to 20kw per rack.
  • Constant Temperature of 20-21 degrees Celsius, humidity 40-60%

Network and Servers

  • Connectivity with the main internet providers (RDS, Next-Gen, IX Interlan)
  • Cableing (rack to rack) cat 6, AMP high density
  • Redundant Routers and Switches (CISCO Catalyst 6500, Foundry, Nortel, Brocade, D-link)
  • Servers (IBM Bladecenter H, Supermicro, Dell)
  • Storage (IBM Storwise SAN, Promise)
  • Virtualization with VMware

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